Lampshades galore!

Last week I ran one of my new workshop options at the Catmose Gallery in nearby Oakham.
Alongside the launch later this year of Sew Eco, I am running a number of recycling / refashioning workshops where you can learn how to revamp and restyle things for your home. The first was Lampshade Refurb last week and it was fantastic fun.

I’ve got several more workshops coming up locally in April – June and will post the dates and suchlike asap. I’ve been a bit over-stretched recently and the poor old blog has suffered. However, I will be back soon, with house-renovating stories galore, alongside the usual.

EDIT: The course I offer is refurbishing lampshades that are already covered – so basically trimming and decorating rather than complete recovering. I *might* be able to do recovering one day, but I’ve never tried…. In the same vein I want to learn to re-cover vintage umbrellas. One day, one day…

3 thoughts on “Lampshades galore!

  1. This looks like fun! Can you pretty much strip a lampshade frame of its (in my case very dirty) covering and use most fabrics?? Maybe you should write a book on this… I'm serious!

  2. Oh I love making lampshades! I have a dozen frames sitting looking at me in my workshop ready to start!Look forward to seeing your dates etc for workshops as i dont run them anymore and could maybe pass people on?

  3. That's cheating! I sweated blood making a lampshade from the bare wire for my Soft Furnishing City & Guilds! You can't have FUN with these things…! But seriously, nice job! Embellish away…!

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