The little house

Yes, two posts in one day… it is some kind of miracle.

I just wanted to pop in and say CHEERS while I am slowly working my way through a nice bottle of Blanquette de Limoux in celebration of home ownership.
So here is my little house. Old, narrow and somewhat unloved in recent years, she is going to have a transformation and a half. Never before has so much fabric been crammed into so small a house. I will be moving the studio in there too, eventually, so it will be quite literally FULL of fabric. Heaven. Although there will also be space for some (a lot) of yarn, books, crockery, food, tatty vintage furniture, weird and random things and I hope friends, family and pussy cats.
I get the keys tomorrow morning and I will be cleaning, stripping wallpaper, painting, sorting, cleaning, painting, cleaning, sanding, tidying, cleaning and more painting over the next couple of weeks. There’s a lot to be done. I will be learning some electrics, plumbing, flooring and tiling along side the painting and shelf-building that I fortunately know how to do. And eventually I will get to the decorating, arranging, tweaking, creating, crafting, making, playing and generally turning this rather sad little house a wonderfully Ruth-some place. I literally can’t wait. I’m not sure I will sleep tonight, I am so excited!!

4 thoughts on “The little house

  1. Aww, she's very pretty! Nice brickwork. Enjoy!Footnote: I've been to Limoux and bought its sparkling wine (very gluggable). Enjoy that too! Here I should segue somehow deftly from Blanquette to blanket, but I can't. Nighty night, sleep tight, Ruth & new home!

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