A few weeks ago I saw these paper sculptures in a shop window, somewhere on Camden Passage in Islington, London. We were rushing by, on our way to by yarn and cake, so I just too some quick snaps. I love the textures and boldness of these. I wish I knew who made them. Anyone know anything about them??

There’s a whole post, or indeed several, to be written about people who work with paper. Please add your suggestions in the comments, I would love to find some more.
Tenuously related – I ran a series of workshops for children with learning disabilities recently and ran the first session using scrap paper. I have worked in paper a few times before, mostly in a teaching context, but keep being drawn back to it for my own work. One of these days I will make something in paper but for now I need to explore what is already out there, as I know I could very easily be accidently influenced by existing stuff and I want to be sure my work is original, as far as possible. I’ve had a look at Paper: Tear, Fold, Rip, Crease, Cut and keep meaning to buy it. But in the meantime, I will continue to enjoy working with kids with paper – exploring the kinds of folds and pleats I love making in fabric combined with the simplicity and crispness of paper. Magazines are printed on such nice paper, glossy and highly coloured – I love using them.
I am also running a series of workshops over the summer for a community group including paper and collage, so have started a stash of interesting scrap paper, which is really inspiring me.
So what with quilts, paper, a new commission (more anon) and a new range of brooches to finish getting ready, I am, as always, far too ambitious. And there is the small matter of a tiny house I am impatient to finish too. I have plans for a paper-based piece to go in my house… and suddenly I am thinking of keeping some of the scrapped wallpaper to use. Exciting! Although sometimes I wish ideas wouldn’t come at midnight, it does make it hard to sleep…
Work by the kids at Craftnoon Tea, Leicester.

Their group piece on display in the local library. I had a very proud moment, seeing this up. We also had some pieces in the street-front window which was fantastic.

One thought on “Paper

  1. Fantastic paper sculpture! I've seen some similar things (folding circles/portions of circles of scrap paper and gluing to make wreaths etc) but frustratingly can't find link now. Will keep searching.Meanwhile, this blog always has interesting paper repurposing and kids' activities: current post has cereal box houses (involving paint, so not so good for a workshop, perhaps) which are gorgeous:

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