A little catch up and some chairs

Well not surprisingly, I’ve been engrossed in a lot of house decorating – or at least paint, wallpaper, carpet and general filth removal. Most of this has not been particularly nice to look at – I have only just started getting paint on walls, and even then only in one room.

BUT I will be in the studio this week so I will be pulling together some blog posts about what I have been up to and what is coming up, but for now, a chair-thought

furniture - 3

New chairs awaiting refurbishment to go in my dining room. The seats are really worn out so I will be reupholstering them and covering them in some kind of fabric-y goodness. Probably some applique felt, I think. I have a chair-seat refurb workshop on 24th April in Oakham- scroll down to find it, although do take a look at the others on the way.

chair full.JPG

These are a couple I have done before and there are a few more in progress.

chair mock up.JPG

Chairs are one thing I will *not* be short of in my new house. I think I have about 10!

2 thoughts on “A little catch up and some chairs

  1. Believe me, as soon as you find yourself hosting a party, you'll be glad of every chair you can scrape together!When we were first married, we borrowed chairs from work, just so people had something to sit on!

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