Fruits of workshops

In between house renovation works and much needed holiday, I’ve been running workshops, as per usual!

Recent ones have been
Corsages and Fabric Flowers

fabric flowers workshop RAC APRIl 2010 - 12

10 people, a whole day workshop and masses of beautiful flowers produced!

fabric flowers workshop RAC APRIl 2010 - 11

I also ran a ruffled cuffs workshop at Catmose Gallery at the end of April.

cuffs workshop catmose gallery 2010 - 02

This is one of the almost-finished pieces, a bit of a mad dash in a 2-hour workshop, but we had fun and made some great stuff.
Next week my workshop there is making bespoke pillowcases.


I’m running another corsages session at Catmose Gallery in June and then in July we’ll be making trapunto covered notebooks. More workshops coming up in Staffordshire too, in the summer and autumn. Busy!

6 thoughts on “Fruits of workshops

  1. Hi RuthI couldn't find a contact me button on here, although I may have missed it. I am interested in your workshops. Can you mail me please?

  2. Hi Ruth,I really like all your jobs. I'm Spanish girl, and I lived in Barcelona, but now I live in Dublin for to improve my English. Yesterday I was in a book store and I found one of your books "Sew It up" and for my was a pleasant surprise. I really like much. In Spain my mother and I were going to craft fairs. I would like that you to see all our work.Congratulations for your books and your work.Regards,Maribel

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