Hibernation announcement and some housekeeping

I am reluctantly going to admit that Mantua Maker is in semi-hibernation. I am overwhelmed with house renovation, studio move, a commission, an exhibition piece to make, a book to launch, a freelance job to do and a business to run! So I think this blog is going to be less than busy for a few months – as indeed it has been for a few months already. You will find me over here on Twitter and the new book site is in development, ready for proper launch at the end of June.

Part of the great studio move also involves the grand clear out of stuff, including my Bernina Industrial sewing machine (wail!) which I don’t have space for any more. There’s a mannequin and a sewing box, as well as a copy of Selvedge going on ebay right now (last chance today on the sewing machine!). And there will be masses more as I work my way through photographing and listing: vintage and new fabrics, haberdashery, packaging & display materials, all sorts of sewing stuff and some random household things too – oh and a lot of clothes!

I really want to share some of my house renovation progress and a lot of my junk shop finds but time is against me, if I am to get the work done as well. So I will be checking in here more often, I promise – and once Sew Eco is launched and happy, I’ll be back here more often. Until then, keep sewing!

One thought on “Hibernation announcement and some housekeeping

  1. Hello Is it okay to share your ebay plans with the self-stitched september flickr group? I am sure some of the sewers there would be very interested in the things you want to sell while clearing your studio?

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