The dress fits…

Those who follow me on Twitter (where I am @RuthSinger, funnily enough) will know that I have spent a lot of this week urgently making a frock for a friend to wear to her brother’s wedding this weekend. I finally handed it over last night and at last, at lunchtime today, got confirmation that it fits! I had a 4am panic that it wouldn’t and was contemplating crying off work to drive to Scotland to fix it. Not good. But yay! all good. Phew.

Technical (sewing geeky) info on the dress will be produced over the weekend, once I have swept up the pretty blue tulle snow off my studio floor.

Not only is this dress done and fits, I have had lots of things to smile about today… in no particular order:

Hot air balloons over the M40
Being with my Grandad to celebrate his 94th birthday
A very good meeting
Ginger beer sitting in the sun after the meeting
A *free* copy of Jane Brocket’s super flowery book The Gentle Art of Quiltmaking
Long cut on the drive home through pretty countryside
Pony and trap spotted on that country long cut
Fresh strawberries, blackcurrants, lettuce, peas and potatoes from Grandad’s garden scenting my car on the way home
New Living Etc and World of Interiors to read in bed
Coming home to my lovely little house after being away overnight for the first time in a couple of months
Being amazed how good life is just now and hoping, wishing, it can stay this way

2 thoughts on “The dress fits…

  1. Gorgeous dress… and wow – lucky you to have so many things to smile about.Earlier today I put a reservation request for "the gentle art of quilt making" at my local library… I've never sewn a quilt but think it might be time.

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