Unit Twelve

Unit Twelve is a fantastic new little gallery in Staffordshire run by maker extraordinaire, Jennifer Collier.    Jen a good mate of mine – we met while both Makers In Residence at Bilston Craft Gallery a few years ago and have stayed in regular gossip contact ever since. Twice we’ve been at Origin on the same aisle and shared many a moan, gin and chocolate. Times have changed a bit, but we have still managed to meet up regularly to whinge  / celebrate usually in equal measure. And the celebrations have been big recently with her opening Unit Twelve in May. I’ve got work in the current exhibition called Second Life -focussing on recycling – which you will of course know is my big thing. I’ve got 3 large pieces in the show and a set of 3 small hoop pieces, plus a whole load of brooches (modelled by Jen’s lovely mannequin) and some purses and cuffs – in the frame on the centre left of the photo. I LOVE seeing my gold-framed Betty piece displayed on Jen’s fabulous dress-pattern tissue wall. Jen is a genius with paper. Absolute inspirational genius. Go visit! And go do workshops – I’m running one in a few weeks  (31st July) on making aprons from old skirts. 

2 thoughts on “Unit Twelve

  1. I'm already booked onto Jen's workshop in September – can't wait (they're cooking me dinner the night before too, extra special treat – I don't think that's normally a part of the booking service!) Will your work still be up? Hope so I'd be so delighted to see these in person I think they've always been my fave stuff of yours. Hope it all goes well and your workshop rocks, it sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

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