I went to London and I…

…went to shops, more shops, a couple of galleries and more shops. I sat in cafes and parks and watched the world go by. 

I FINALLY went to Prick Your Finger. It was nice. But very tiny. And mostly sells wool. Good wool from happy sheep, mind you. I had a chat with the nice women who run it and hopefully they will have Sew Eco in stock soon!

Alas I failed to take in that there is / was a launch this evening of embroidered loveliness by The Glass Pingle which I really wanted to see. Should have gone this evening not at lunchtime. DAMN. But I did admire a few of her bits of homemade-dashery which was utterly wonderful. And I bought this book. Looked like something I ought to read. And I will. Then I will tell you what I make of it. One day.

I did lots of other things too. But they will have to wait. 

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