Wearing aprons

I’ve currently got aprons in my mind a lot. I’m working on an exhibition of aprons for Unit Twelve later this year which we are hoping to tour to other galleries. I’m co-curating and also making at least one new narrative apron for the show. Or at least I *will* be making one, I’ve not actually done it yet!
In the meantime, I thought I would share an apron I made years ago. Inspired by Jenny Doh’s Art of the Dress challenge, I have photographed myself wearing the purple pockets apron as an overskirt as I love to do.

I designed this way back in 2005 and first made it in white cotton organdie which is utterly impossible to photograph. This version came about in 2007 and always gets lots of comments (mostly positive!) when I wear it. But it doesn’t photograph well on a hanger… better on me, messy (but matching colour) bedroom included. The deadline to join in with Art of The Dress Apron challenge is 1st March, so quick – photograph yourself, blog it and add to Jenny’s post. I would *love* to see someone wearing an apron from one of my patterns, there’s a few out there…

Apron sneak peek.jpg
This one from Sew it Up

There’s one in Sew Eco made from a restyled skirt.

my apron design in Pretty Little Patchwork

There was sort of one in Pretty Little Patchwork but the pattern never made it in. It is a real shame because it is a fabulous apron. Maybe it is time I issued the pattern myself.

floral bright apron.JPG

This one is in A is for Apron and Lark’s new booklet of apron designs.

There’s one in Making Stuff.  You can even see the project page on the amazon large image links, but it isn’t inspiring (terrible photo…). The apron is nice though.

Apron detail

(although this detail shows the rather wonky stitching, how embarrassing… I’ve improved in 5 years, that’s all I’ll say!)

5 thoughts on “Wearing aprons

  1. I've only ever made one and this was it. Must say I am still pretty pleased to this day with how it turned out. I do have a couple of much treasured vintage ones from my grandma; one of which has built in oven gloves – genius! I also love the plastic coated cotton one my little man has with a fish pie recipe printed on the front. Who'd have thought there was so much to the humble apron?

  2. Ruth, I love all the aprons you've shared here but most of all I love the ones with the purple pockets apron. It's wonderful. And I'm excited to see how your exhibition for Unit Twelve will unfold. Thanks for the link. Cheers!Jenny ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I like the apron idea. The most important thing I like to have with me is one of our house phones. We have several phones and bases, but somehow they seem to migrate and are never where I am when I hear the ring. Yes, I know it's because we don't put them back on the base, but when we wander around while talking, we may not finish the conversation in the room where that base is and we often just set them down. I need a pocket which makes it impossible to accidentally hit the buttons. There's probably a techie solution to thispersonalised aprons

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