Six years….

Today I am celebrating six years of working for myself!
One of the things that got me inspired, excited, invigorated and engaged in my first lonely couple of years working alone was blogging. In the last couple of years that has really tailed off, to the point that I have hardly blogged at all this year. I miss it. Facebook & Twitter seem to have taken over my online life, but neither have replaced blogging, reading blogs, sharing photos on Flickr & joining in with all the wonderfulness that blogging communities hold.
So I am BACK! Determined to blog regularly about the things I’m up to, the things other people are up to, things I like, my house, my cat…. all sorts really. And hoping there are still some readers out there who haven’t given up on the little world of Mantua Maker.
I need to do lots of renovations on the blog (much like my house) – sorting out the links, blogroll, get some labels on the old posts and make decisions about how to take it forward. But for now let me tell you about what I’ve got coming up….

Stuff I’ve make
New courses I’m teaching
Exhibitions I’ve got stuff in
House renovations that rumble slowly on
Fabulous vintage purchases (and lots of them)
Pictures of my cat. actually, why wait for that. Here she is:



Back soon, folks. I promise!

4 thoughts on “Six years….

  1. thanks Sarah, both of us back at the same time!My cat is very friendly but doesn't like loud noises…. soo…. hmmm… she might well run away from you 🙂

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