Making with others

I worked out that in the last 2 months I have done about 5 minutes sewing… this is NOT RIGHT on so many levels. Frustrating in the extreme. What I have been doing a lot of is helping other people to sew, create & make. Luckily I like this nearly as much as making things myself – helping others make is pretty damn good.
I am slowing cataloguing all my numerous projects on Flickr, both school workshops and stuff for adults, community groups and suchlike. I’m in the middle of two really exciting school projects as well as running my own stuff for adults (and 12 year olds upwards) at weekends.

Primary school work

School project developing
Samples in development for school workshop. 

My next round of workshops for adults in Leicester start in late January and full details can be found on my website. There’s a few more to come in the spring as well as some historical textiles study days in Nottingham & Northampton in March. 

Unit Twelve fabric manipulation workshop
Workshop at Unit Twelve

Unit Twelve fabric manipulation workshop

Learn To Sew – Sunday 29th January
Customising and Revamping Clothes – Sunday 5th February 
Intermediate sewing – basic dressmaking – Sunday 26th February
Experimental quilting and stuffing – Sunday 11th March 

Lampshade Restyle – Sunday 1st April

Trapunto quilting (11th March)

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