Ruth Singer Studio is happening

right before your very eyes….

Ruth Singer Studio

Ruth Singer Studio

Saturday: enormous trolley & tears at Ikea
Sunday: packing, packing & more packing
Today: 3 car-loads of tables, chairs, fabrics, irons, sewing machines up in the lift, across the entire shopping centre & finally in place.
Tuesday: attempt to get 60s sideboard into car & then into studio, pack more of home studio, hang quilts & stuff, make it look nicer
Wednesday: find all the power leads for all the sewing machines (ummm), iron fabrics, price patterns, make things look all nice, change my mind & rearrange everything.
Thursday OPEN!!

I have dreamed of doing this for about 5 years. For the last 12 months it has been top priority. Finally it is actually happening. Tired but SO EXCITED!

4 thoughts on “Ruth Singer Studio is happening

  1. Wow! Well done and congratulations on making it happen. And the best of luck for Thursday. You deserve it after all your hard work. Hope it all goes well.

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