Makers Mart

As part of my ridiculously busy 12-hours-on-the-go Saturday, I had a stall at Makers Mart, our local selected contemporary craft fair. The fair has a way to go to make it truly fabulous along the lines of Lustre, but there were a few makers that really stood out for me. In my usual fashion, I bought lots of lovely things & got to know some lovely makers – this is part of the reason I do fairs & shows!

Those that stood out for me were:

Alys Power who makes quirky & charming pieces from vintage jewellery. I bought a little ruler brooch & am saving up for some recycled silver earrings. And maybe these bracelets. Her blog has a fascinating series about tools, too.

Brooch by Alice Power

Clare Pentlow‘s paper cuts were really gorgeous. Her laser-cut silk jewellery was interesting too. I bought a small paper cut with map backing in shades of green & beige which will go beautifully in my living room. From her website, the laser cut wall panels look fantastic. I did like her 3D work at Makers Mart but the ones online look more intricate & more original.

Papercut by Claire Pentlow

I have ordered some red ‘Cluster’ earrings from Ema Kelly. I am hoping they will resolve my endless search for the perfect red earrings since some old favourites from Sarah King broke.

I also bought a sweet little silver and cherry wood bowl and a silver spoon from Gillian Tidgewell, another local graduate. I have a bit of a thing for spoons and bowls, these will be perfect additions to my collections.

Spoon by Gillian Tidgewell
Cherry & silver pot by Gillian Tidgewell

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