Describing what I do

Coming up with a short, snappy line or two about what Ruth Singer Studio does is harder than writing an whole book. Well nearly.

Here’s the problem. 
The company name is Ruth Singer Studio. 
We run workshops, classes & tuition in sewing, textile and a range of crafts. We also offer mentoring, business training and consultancy in textiles and creative learning. We (me) also design & make stuff. And write books about it. We are a venue in Leicester. An actual bricks & mortar place to go. This needs to be clear at first glance at a leaflet. And we want you to want to come!
New logo is in progress which reflects the making aspect. I am after a line or two which sums up what we do. You, my friends, are my market consultancy. 
What do you make of this?
Ruth Singer Studio
A space to make, a place to learn

Sewing and craft classes for all levels (in the heart of Leicester)

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