What is fabric manipulation?

I am trying to write about fabric manipulation. You know, the twiddly, fiddly stuff I do with fabric. There ought to be a better name for it. Not only am I pondering names for the technique as a whole, but also for the individual techniques.


“twisty foldy pointy thing”



amelia brooch

“Swirly circle folds”

Part of the problem is remembering what it was I meant when I have written things like “contrast tip trefoil variation”.

But it is a nice problem to have.

One thought on “What is fabric manipulation?

  1. You need a crib sheet by your pc, with photos and the name of the technique beside it. Eventually it will sink in and you will wonder why no one else has ever heard of these technique names that you have invented! By the way, bobbles is definitely my favourite technique.

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