Sewing workshop in action!

This week, along with a new logo & brand design, 2 photoshoots and two massive pieces of work, I also took delivery of a FILM! (if you can take delivery of a virtual thing…)

Steve Friendship (who lives up to his name) of Large Scale Film made this film of one of my workshops at Haymarket last month.

This has inspired me – it is time for *more video*. I would love to have a film of my studio work on my website, as well as film of more workshops and events. This was just a little off-the-cuff and unscripted and unprepared and messy-haired – next time I will remember when someone is coming to film & tidy up a bit!

I also went to a social media course the other day, about increasing your customers and one of the main things they said was FILM IS GOOD.

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