Collaboration with Jan Garside

This installation was created with weaver Jan Garside, as part of Design Factory’s collaboration exhibition ‘‘Synchronise’ at The National Centre for Craft and Design, Lincolnshire March- June 2013.

Jan and I chose to work together to revisit some ideas we discussed years ago.  The work is drawn from Jan’s previous research into Maiden’s Garlands which I also find fascinating. I wanted to continue to explore the ideas we discussed then and see if we could create joint work. I found it liberating and fun to take my inspiration from Jan’s existing work (the paper garlands) and develop ideas from it. Working with Jan on this project has given me the confidence to experiment with different techniques in my work such as print and develop a strong research-focus which I have already used in another commission.

Jan created several woven hangings for the exhibition whilst I created thousands of textile petals, representing the petals of the maidens’ garlands. I used fabrics woven and dyed and printed by Jan as well as introducing my own embroidery and natural dyeing. Images of work in progress are shown at the end of the page. Images of the installation process in the gallery can be seen here.

Images below illustrate the development process of making the petals.

Small framed pieces are available to purchase from £40.

Brooches made by Ruth from Jan’s handwoven fabric £13 each

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