Sewn Up

Sewn Up is made from 665 folded squares cut from the proof pages of my book Sew It Up, machine stitched together. It has been exhibited at Unit Twelve and New Walk Museum, Leicester.

Sewn up 2 & 3 are smaller versions of the piece above.

In 2011, I was asked to create a piece for Unit Twelve’s First Anniversary exhibition featuring work made in paper, based on some experimental work I had already begun. My work in paper is very closely related to my work in fabric, exploring folding, repetition and tessellation. This stitched piece also drapes like fabric and can be rolled, folded and manipulated in many different ways. I was also keen to create something with transparency, with holes and that casts shadows – themes which I keep coming back to.

I wanted to use not just any old recycled paper, but something with real significance to me, something personal. Sewn Up pieces are made from the proof pages of my book Sew It Up, which was originally called Sewn Up (and that is what these pages say in the corner). This book was so significant to me in so many ways, and is now enjoyed all over world and I wanted to create something new from it.

Exhibited at:

Unit Twelve, Staffordshire

Craft House Concept, Edinburgh

New Walk Museum, Leicester

New Brewery Arts, Cirencester

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