Criminal Quilts – The Book

I am currently working on the Criminal Quilts book which will be out in August 2018.

This book will contain all the historical information about the photo albums, research by volunteers into individuals and my research into prison and personal clothing. It will also contain images of my Criminal Quilts textiles and information about their creation.

The book will be full colour, professionally designed and printed and around 60 pages.

Pre-orders – discounted price £10

Books ordered between 1st June and 20th July 2018 will be £12 plus p&p*. These will be signed, include a free postcard and the chance to include your name in a list of supporters in the back of the book.


Pre-orders will be posted in mid-August 2018. The pre-order website will be launched on 1st June.

Signed copies of the book will also be available at the Festival of Quilts.

For orders after 20th July the price will be £12 plus p&p*. 


*P&P £3 in UK, £8 Europe, £13 RoW