Dawn Bache

It is the stillness of the landscape, which subdues my busy mind and as I walk on familiar foot paths I start to notice and feel what is around me. From simple beginnings my art practice engages with the natural world and this often relates to what appears to be elusive, vulnerable and fragile. I make mixed-media art works in a range of organic materials and I grapple to find a visual language, which brings to light that which is often overlooked or unseen.

The Unfinished Book of Birch – A Response to the Theme of ‘Book as Object’
Inspired by birch bark books, I focused on some birch trees in a local plantation. I made hand-made paper for the pages and inks and dyes were made from birch branches. Drawings were made of birch twigs and on pieces of birch dyed cloth I made stencil prints of birch leaves. It became a process of experimentation, a journey of unresolved creative growth and not the book as intended.