Fiona Dix

I spin, weave cloth and collect words, and I’m full of questions. Why do we enchant our homes and habitats with rich presence, colour the world with myth and bring artistry to the smallest tasks? Why do we perceive some objects as precious and not others? How does contradictory experience make up our stories? I’m fascinated by differences we struggle to acknowledge or even recognise. Perplexed by straight lines and strong definitions, I seek paradox and ambiguity, mysterious thresholds. My work combines wool, yarn and worn materials to explore how fragile fibres can valiantly sustain unruly connections. I gather scattered fragments together, capturing magical details and moments of joyful colour. I aim to express beauty, invite curiosity and celebrate the tiny, to inspire others to experiment and create. There’s such fruitful symbolism in the making of cloth, whose repetitions and constraints echo the rhythms and rituals of a nurturing life. 

Hidden – Inspired by the ‘Fragments’ theme
Inspired by medieval reliquaries, these tiny woven packages hold fragments of my writing and scraps of handmade cloth. As I make them, I wonder. How do our material senses intersect with the heart’s perceptions? What might dwell beyond the visible, hidden in the reliquary of the imagination?