Julie Gibb

I am a mixed media artist working with textiles, paper and both natural and manmade objects I discover on my daily travels. I love to use photography to record the history and environment of my home in West Fife, these photographs then act as a springboard to develop artwork based around my local area of Rosyth. In recent years I have drawn on genealogical research and rediscovered family photographs to create artwork that captures joyous moments in the lives of my female ancestors. I post occasional updates of my work on my ‘Ideas and Explorations’ blog

My Song is Around the World
‘My Song is Around the World’ was created in response to a photograph of my Great Grandmother Amy Friend performing the Gracie Fields song ‘Around the World’ in a function hall in the late 1950s / early 1960s. Transporting her from the plain surroundings of the hall to the illuminated stage, I’ve used the places mentioned in the song to create the stage set. A QR code provides a link to ‘Our Gracie’ performing the song, whether Amy could hit the same high notes we will never know. The construction draws inspiration from the tunnel books and hand coloured ‘French tissue’ stereophotographs popular in the 19th century.