Marianda Twydell

I aim to start conversations by communicating about relatable everyday issues. My conscious choice of using discarded materials, encourages a thoughtful response. I hope to show good things can come from the ‘thrown away’. I enjoy the challenges of sampling and combining, perhaps wire with timber or textile with paper. Working in this way often leads to a series or multiple objects. The concept is important, as is adding layers of meaning with each stitch or pen stroke. I make things that tell stories with what I have to hand. My work is becoming more polished but still has a sense of fun!

Being a member of Ruth’s membership helps me clarify my practice and explore new research methods. The process of walking helps me get my thoughts (more) in order, as does writing all about it.

Wearable art channelling creative energy (rage) with messages, to empower women and start conversations. Inspired by wanting to do something after reading ‘Invisible Women’ and ‘How to be a Craftivist’ and being on the receiving end of some blimmin mansplaining. Has to be worn with panache and a smile.

Gallery in my Garden
I’m reaching out into the community and introducing myself an an artist with this friendly gallery. My goal for the year is to produce and exhibit something locally inspired every two weeks. See more of this on Instagram

Finding my Place
Series of 14. Settling into a close knit English village presented a challenge; how to make connections with both people and place. I’d joined Maker Membership so started documenting my process in stitch – the first lone walk along the Main Street, all the opportunities I took up and the high point 10 months later, an invite to ‘have a coffee’!