Primary Schools

I work with all years in primary schools on a wide range of topics. All school projects are bespoke, a selection of previous projects are shown below. Please see the teacher section for information about INSET and training.

Village at War

These pieces were created with me by pupils at Newton Burgoland Primary School, North West Leicestershire during workshops in 2011 and 2012. These pieces are on permanent display in the school. The work was inspired by photographs, maps and stories about the village during World War Two and the children using techniques including print, patchwork and darning to create 3 finished pieces.

Photos by Chris Mear & Nine Photos

Fashion project
This project took inspiration from the fashion gallery at Snibston Museum, Leicestershire. I worked with almost 200 children in years 3-6 at the museum and at their school, over a whole year to create this piece. The children explored fashion in the museum and then found out about using stitch to create pleats, gathers and scrunches to shape fabric. Workshops in the school focussed on both manipulating fabric and designing the garment. We explored shapes, measurements, structures and pattern cutting to create the dress. The base garment was then covered with the manipulated samples each child had made, with each element of the dress designed and made by a different class. This piece is on display in the school.

Paper-based workshops
I have run this workshop a number of times, exploring geometry, structure, shape and repetition using folded paper forms.

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