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Talk Options

First read through the talk options below and return to the form to select. Once you have booked, you can copy and paste the text below for your newsletters, website or social media. There is a short biography too. You can also download the relevant image here (click the image to open in full screen then right click and select Download Image to save to your computer).

Criminal Quilts. Ruth’s archives and textiles project Criminal Quilts is based around the photographs and stories of women held in Stafford Prison 1877-1916. Ruth will talk about the background to the project as well as the history of the photographs themselves, share some case studies then show the textiles created in detail.

Hidden Histories. This talk will delve into the background to Ruth’s professional practice and explore her work over the last 5 years including a number of solo exhibitions. Ruth will share the stories behind projects,  artist residencies, museum research, personal and emotional experiences which shape the work she creates. 

Bespoke. Ruth can tailor a talk specifically for your group interests. This is ideal for local history or museum groups or about a specific project.

Artist Practice. Ruth Singer is a professional artist with over 15 years experience making a living through exhibitions, residencies, funded projects, writing books, teaching textiles and supporting artist projects. This talk is designed for groups of students or early-career artists to give an understanding of what life is like for a practicing artist-maker in the 2020s.

Research in Practice. This talk gives an overview of Ruth’s research-led making practice including examples of projects and residencies, art-science work and other areas of creative practice. This also includes a lot about working with museums and creating work responding to current affairs and personal passions.


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Ruth Singer is an artist-maker with a background working in the museum sector. She is fascinated by material culture, history and the power of objects in human lives. Her work aims to explore and illuminate human experience, our understanding of heritage and the traces and stories we leave behind. Her work has a distinctive feel of preciousness and delicacy of touch created by the combination of hand stitch, fragile fabrics and emotive subject matter. She produces exhibitions, community projects and books and works as a consultant and mentor.