Collaboration with Sharyn Dunn

As part of Ornamentum’s* 2014 exhibition project, I have been collaborating with Sharyn Dunn, who works in paper to create dramatic sculptural pieces and lighting. Our exhibition opens in early December at Snibston & continues during January at LCB Depot in Leicester. Exhibition catalogue available in December.

I’ve always found Sharyn’s geometric designs inspiring and wanted to recreate the tessellation-effect in fabric, without losing the feeling of transparency and lightness. Using diamond-shaped pieces, I have created semi-transparent star quilt echoing Sharon’s complex structures. The quilt is made using the traditional technique of English paper piecing, using silks, cottons, lace and my own natural dyes, shadow work and embroidery techniques.

Together Sharyn & I have created a sculptural piece which will be assembled from a series of pyramid forms. Sharyn gave me paper templates which I have covered with sheer fabric and stitched into, then formed into pyramids using only stitch. Sharyn has in turn used my tea-stain fabric design printed on paper to create further pyramids which will be assembled alongside mine.

Whilst I have been using Sharyn’s geometric style, she has taken inspiration from my stitch, print and softer, curved lines to create new work. She has also created a solo piece for this exhibition. All three pieces will be displayed together in the forthcoming exhibitions.

* Ornamentum is a group of eight Leicestershire makers who work together to create innovative new work for exhibitions. We have received Arts Council England funding for these exhibitions and a year-long mentoring project where each maker receives professional support.  I am the Ornamentum Project Co-ordinator.

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