Making Meaning. A podcast by Ruth Singer exploring the meaning behind what we make.

One of the things I love most about my working life is talking to other artists and creative people about what they do and why. I love delving into the stories behind theirwork, hearing about what matters to artists and how they choose to share their thoughts through their creative practice. I am fascinated by research-focussed work and what goes on in the creative brain to develop artistic or creative work from concepts, ideas, research and thinking. The artwork I love most has a complex, often personal set of stories and narratives behind it, and often we don’t talk so much about those deeper meanings.

Over the last year of isolation, I’ve really missed conversations with creative people about why they make what they make. I haven’t been able to visit other studios, to chat over tea about what matters most, about what inspires me, about what story we might be exploring at the moment. I love bouncing ideas off other creative minds. So I have created a podcast so I have the excuse to talk to artists and creative people whom I admire and who have fascinating stories to tell about the meaning behind their making.

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#7: Making Meaning with Melody Vaughan Making Meaning

Melody Vaughan, coach and mentor to makers started her working life in the museum sector, just like Ruth did. In this conversation, they discuss how museum training has impacted their work with and as makers. They talk about the importance of understanding how things are made, how makers have so much knowledge that museums could be tapping into better and how objects have long lives that we often don't think about. Both Ruth and Melody support other makers through mentoring and courses and they talk about what they want to uncover from their clients is the stories behind the making, the why. There are links to Melody's work and some of the things they talked about at ruthsinger.com/podcast
  1. #7: Making Meaning with Melody Vaughan
  2. #6: Making Meaning with Cas Holmes
  3. #5: Making Meaning with Kathryn Parsons
  4. #4: Making Meaning with Richard McVetis
  5. #3: Making Meaning with Caren Garfen

There’s a short introduction, then the fortnightly episodes of conversations. In this series there will be nine conversations with artists, coaches and consultants. I’ve chosen to talk to people I already know a little or sometimes very well which makes for a relaxed chat about what’s most interesting to us.

There are blog posts about each episode below including links to the guests, images of their work and anything of mine I discuss and a written transcript of each episode.

Making Meaning is edited by the brilliant Making Space VA.

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