Interlace :: with Bethany Walker

Interlace is a collaboration between Ruth Singer & Bethany Walker using delicate, manipulated textile set into concrete. We started working together in 2014 to explore the potential of my textile manipulations with Bethany’s concrete compositions in new, organic forms. Since launching in 2015 we have had a really successful exhibiting career.

Currently showing with selected exhibition Made in the Middle, curated by Craftspace where we won the ‘One to Watch’ award for our new work Halo.


We have also  exhibited our work at Unit Twelve, The National Centre for Craft and Design and at Bilston Craft Gallery in 2015 and at the Knitting & Stitching Shows in 2016.



Urban Growth

In 2016 we were commissioned to create a new public art installation at Makers’ Yard by the Joyce Carr Doughty Charitable Trust. Find out more here.


Ruth’s inspirations for the textile element has come from ideas of growth, preservation and memory, tying in with her other work, often inspired by museums & heritage. By creating fragile textile forms fixed into concrete, we explore making the ephemeral permanent and preserving memories set in stone.

Our work is created using a carefully-selected textiles, cut, stitched and manipulated to create petal-like structures, echoing fallen blossom. These textiles are set into a mould and then fixed with cement, which solidifies into concrete, rendering the textiles permanent. Organic, tactile bowl-like forms give the work a soft, sensual feel which encourages touch.

Find out more at

The collaboration was initially funded by a-n’s New Collaborations fund, including mentoring from Stella Corrall.

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