Regeneration was developed for an exhibition of work by members of Ornamentum, at Makers’ Yard, my studio building.  The building is a listed 19th century hosiery warehouse and factory, recently renovated as artist studios and we wanted to show work which reflected the regeneration of the local area from factories and industry to housing and cultural buildings.

My work explores new growth in an abstract way and is in response to the building itself, formed of masses of tiny textile pieces fitted into the nooks and crannies of the building. I wanted to show the regeneration of the building with new makers working in it and reflect the history of textile production. I also wanted to intrigue visitors as they move around the building and create tiny vignettes of new life sprouting out of the very fabric of the building. Most of the work was installed in the summer and already two pieces have vanished, perhaps swept up by cleaners or perhaps ‘borrowed’. As the building is still quite raw, the pieces are gathering dust and cobwebs, further adding to their story. Some fall out of their little nooks and end up elsewhere. I hope to keep adding to the work and catalogue how it changes.

This work no longer exists.

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