Over a number of years, I have used textile making to express difficult emotional experiences, not as a way of keeping my hands busy, but more about creating something positive from distress. By the time these pieces are exhibited, the turmoil which created them is ancient history and the finished work becomes independent from the stories it tells.

Most of these works are for sale. Please enquire for more details.


I enjoy reclaiming the word ‘Spinster’, which originally meant one who spins thread. This piece is made from strips of love letters, spun into yarn on an antique wooden spindle.

Cross stitch, found objects, paper. 2016. £95



In these pieces, the oak leaf is a symbol of a relationship which started as strong and reliable and soon became fragile and withered. 

Vintage blanket, naturally-dyed wool threads, vintage pins. 2016. Framed £125



Oak leaf, dyed silk organza, hand embroidery. 2016. Framed £65


Pierced Pincushion 

Hand embroidery, pins. 2016-7. £300



Tightly Bound

The spoon was a gift from my ex and I have bound it with threads, representing the loosened bonds of love. The threads are dyed with plants from where lived. 

Vintage spoon, naturally dyed threads, knotting. 2016. £65



I began this piece as I waited for things to get better and intended to add more words. It became impossible to continue in this situation and with this embroidery, so it became simply ‘Wait”. 

Naturally-dyed vintage cloth, hand embroidery, 2016. Framed. £165


Desperation Darning

The darning of a threadbare duster is an act of futility, like trying to hold together a relationship which is beyond repair. 

Worn out duster, hand embroidery. 2017. Framed £300