Creative Producer

Projects around making things happen and bringing together people, places and stories

I love working with people to explore places and stories. I create and deliver projects inspired by my three sources of joy: textiles, artists and heritage. I add in research, partnerships and funding to produce experiences around People, Places and Stories.

The experiences I create might be for artists, for textile-lovers, around heritage and stories, by, with and for communities.

The things I love to do include writing, communicating and sharing, exploring heritage, textile making and historical research, social justice work through arts and above all, bringing people together to make amazing things happen.

My three areas of passion are heritage, textiles and working with artists. To these themes I add networks, research, funding and partners to create and deliver projects involving any / all of these : writing, heritage, artist support, communication, textile making and research, networks and partnerships and socially-engaged practice. Sample projects include mentoring, artist training and business support, arts and heritage engagement projects, podcasts & research reports.

The diagram below hopefully illustrates this work in visual form.

The kind of experiences, activities and projects I produce include the following examples. I’d love to talk to you about your project ambitions and see if I can help you make it a reality.

  • Podcasts, interviews, and other conversations
  • Helping others to grow and develop through skill-sharing and training
  • Co-creation arts and heritage
  • Research & consultation with artists & others
  • What artists need to thrive
  • Mentoring and coaching artists & creative businesses
  • Nurturing and growing networks & communities for artists and others
  • Sharing my knowledge and research through writing including books, reports, blogs and learning resources
  • Collaborating with arts & heritage organisations to illuminate stories

Recent projects

Previous Projects

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