Criminal Quilts Collaboration with Gillian McFarland


For Criminal Quilts exhibitions 2021-22, I have collaborated with fine artist Gillian McFarland to create an installation piece reflecting the stories of some of the women in the prison photographs. The work explores the idea of women being labelled and identified by derogatory or demeaning terms. We have contrasted these with images of feminine perfect in the form of Staffordshire ceramic figurines. Our work also draws upon the story of Fanny and Ada Riddle, two sisters held in Stafford prison in 1894-5. They worked as domestics servants and were convicted together of obtaining money by false pretences. They were also convicted later of stealing food, clothing and small items, probably for survival. They were both in Wolverhampton Workhouse for the 1901 census and Ada had an illegitimate baby.

Techniques & materials include digital print on textile, ceramic decals and textile on found objects. Ceramics are made in Staffordshire.