Gentle Goal Setting

The workbook for my Gentle Goal Setting process is now available for self study download. 

I believe goals should be like guiding lights, reminding you what you want to do and how you want to be during the year. Gentle Goal Setting self-study workbook is 20 pages full of supportive thinking exercises to help you set meaningful goals. We look at reviewing the year, working out your own criteria for success and creating achievable, realistic and inspiring goals and keeping going with them through the year. This is based on my Gentle Goal Setting workshop which I run in January. I’ve developed the workbook in response to the feedback from previous participants.

You can read more about my goal setting process in my blog here and here. The workbook download is £20. If you want more support you can add on an hour 1:1 online mentoring with a £10 discount too. Find that here

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