Maker In Residence

The new project is announced!

I’m maker in residence at Bilston Craft Gallery from 3rd January until the end of March 2007. I’ve started a new blog all about it here, so I wont say too much about it now. I’m really excited about it – new projects, new people and time to do my own work. I’ve decided that I’m going to use the time to create some large pieces of complex work – the sort of thing I never normally have time for, but that bubble around in my creative brain when I ought to be sleeping or doing my accounts. I’m having fun coming up with ideas for workshops and classes and joint projects with other people.

I’ve got lots of other things ticking over at the moment, not least a trade show in January to prepare for. Oh and Christmas. I keep forgetting about that. I still haven’t made my cards (am I so late now that I can just not bother??). I designed a load of decorations, but they haven’t even made it onto paper, let alone fabricated and onto trees. But I have planned the food. I always think about food, it is my only real hobby these days, though knitting comes a close second. I bought a beret pattern to knit today, when I explored a great craft shop just round the corner! I only found out because someone in my new knitting group told me. I bought a fat quarter of batik fabric for a quilter friend and some yarn and a pattern to knit a beret for me. I was about to start a summer cardigan, but got distracted by wanting a new hat.
Right, really must start those Christmas cards….