A Stitch In Time at the British Library

UPDATE: I’m not able to be there after all, unfortunately. I’m sure it will still be great though!

At rather short notice I’m busy preparing for a fantastic event this weekend at the British Library, celebrating embroidery. A Stitch In Time day of embroidery events celebrates the new Cornelia Parker Magna Carta commission. I’ll be there showing some of my work including The Beauty of Stains and the Textile Memories project.

Saturday 6th June 11am-5pm. 

Postcards from San Francisco 1

In the fine tradition of sending the postcards once you have got home, I am finally posting some highlights from San Francisco, starting 8 weeks or so after I got back!

As with most big cities, San Francisco has excellent museums. When the weather was good we were outside, as much as possible, but when it rained (which it did plenty) we went to museums. My two favourites were the de Young Museum in Golden Gate Park and the Asian Art Museum in the Civic Centre.


Shapes. Textures. Colours. Patterns. Asian Art Museum.



Details. Inuit carvings. Peruvian bird. A handful of textiles. A view from the top. De Young Museum.





Magical works by El Anatsui & Cornelia Parker & Ruth Asawa