Talks and Workshops 2018


Events programme at Gawthorpe Hall alongside Emotional Repair exhibition

Meet the Artist days 12.30-4.30 on  11th & 14th April, 19th May and 26th May.                Free with hall entry.

Masterclass Friday 18th May, 10.30-3.30. £55 including materials. SOLD OUT

Makers in Museums Seminar Day Weds 6th June 11.00-16.30. £12 plus £6 hall entry (free for National Trust members)


 Festival of Quilts programme alongside Criminal Quilts exhibition

Quick and Easy one-hour workshops

Intro to Stuffed and Corded Quilting (Trapunto basics) Thurs 9th 10.30-11.30 & Fri 10th 15.30-16.30 (SOLD OUT)
Intro to Corded Quilting (more detailed on corded quilting than I can cover in the workshop above). Fri 10th 10.30-11.30 & Sunday 12th 11.45-12. 45
(and if you want to learn LOTS more trapunto and cording in a more relaxed way, try the West Dean weekend workshop below)

 Talk and Masterclass

Talk: Art and Archives: Explore Ruth Singer’s Criminal Quilts Exhibition. Thursday 9th August 15.15-16.00 £9

Ruth Singer will discuss the complex story behind her exhibition gallery Criminal Quilts including the 2016 Fine Art Quilt Masters winner and new work on show for the first at Festival of Quilts.  “Criminal Quilts’ is inspired by archive research about  women criminals in the West Midlands 1877 – 1916. In this talk Ruth will explain how this project came about and how the partnership with Staffordshire Record Office and Wolverhampton University was established. She will also talk about the history of the archive photographs and documents as well as explain the making of the work on show, including collaborative and community quilts.


Masterclass: In the Shadows: Reverse Applique with Transparent Fabric. Sat 11th 13.30-16.30. £41 + £7 materials (cash on the day)

Take applique and layering to the next level with this exciting technique of using transparent fabrics layered and cut away. Using delicate silk organza, you will learn how to prepare and hand stitch a design by hand and create the subtle shadow effects by removing layers of fabric. We will also cover embellishing with shadow embroidery stitch and trapping fragments between the layers.  You will create a small sampler during this workshop which can be incorporated into larger project if desired. This technique was used by Ruth Singer to create her Fine Art Quilt Masters winning piece in 2016. All materials will be provided, cost £7 payable in cash to the tutor on the day of class. Suitable for any level.


Weekend workshop : Trapunto quilting, hand and machine sewn

Trapunto quilting creates a raised and textured surface on cloth using yarn and stuffing. Explore traditional and contemporary methods with hand and machine stitching and how to create different effects, to use in garments, embroidery or art textiles. £233.00


Talks and workshops for groups

After 12 years of running hundreds of workshops and talks, I am cutting down on these to concentrate on other projects and community work. In 2018-19 I can offer workshops and talks related to Criminal Quilts and other ongoing projects including my Emotional Repair exhibition. I charge £100 for talks, plus travel. I mostly only give talks in the Midlands / one-hour travel time from Leicester unless it relates to another project I am working on around the UK. Please contact me to discuss the options using the form below. 

Please join my mailing list to keep up to date with my projects.








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  3. There is a workshop at Black Country Museum listed above and any more will be put on this page once they are confirmed. You can also join my mailing list here:

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