Talks for Groups

For current online workshops have a look here.

Zoom talks for groups

I am happy to give talks for groups via Zoom about my practice and exhibitions, about Criminal Quilts or a bespoke talk for special interest groups outside of textiles such as local history. I can also offer talks about professional practice for students or early career artists.

 I got so much from your talk. The careful thoughtfulness you bring to materials, subject matter and community projects has affected me more than I realised. Specifically, I was in a conference …..During the debates and discussions I found I was taken back several times to things you had said in your talk about valuing existing textiles and using what we have. So your talk stayed with me … empowered me to be more outspoken in the conference … and now I appreciate there is a link between your practice and the values of the Fibreshed movement.  I don’t think I have ‘felt’ this direct connection across disciplinary boundaries before – to realise the mechanism  – how art changes how we look at textiles and our social selves – and can influence how changemakers speak to power.

Susan Dye 2020

I have a pro Zoom account and have been running events on Zoom since March so it should all run smoothly.

Zoom talks in 2021 are £110. 2022 bookings are £120

I am not taking bookings for in-person events in 2021.

Please see here for talk options and then return to this form to select the preferred talk. Please also read Terms and Conditions / guidance notes here before confirming a booking.

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  3. There is a workshop at Black Country Museum listed above and any more will be put on this page once they are confirmed. You can also join my mailing list here:

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