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I have become increasingly frustrated at not having time recently to do more with this blog than just list where I am going and where I have been. I haven’t got any new work to show you, so I thought I would tell you about some of the other people I have met in the last few weeks and where all this work is leading me.

It’s a shame Louise Bonham doesn’t have her own website because she makes gorgeous purses and bags as well as these woven pieces. I swapped a corsage for one of her purses, and it took me agese to decide which. In the end I opted for this one because I love printed cord and it has pretty flowery lining. I think she said she would be at the Contemporary Textiles Fair at Landmark Arts in March 2007, so look out for her there.

At the East London Design Show I was really delighted to be placed opposite the lovely Dragana Perisic who I mentioned a few months back. She is as lovely as her clothes! I had a great time trying on the stunning hats made by her friend and colleague Tina of Bea & Evie. I fell in love with the Tea Totaler hat.

I was really pleased to find out that the knitter extraordinaire Gosia is also a blogger. She inspired me to start designing some new knitwork. I’ve left the work in progress at my mum’s, so no images of that yet!

It’s the time of year for new collections, as well as looking forward to Spring, just for it’s flowers and warmth. I’ve been full of ideas for new work – often spurred on by the need to complete applications for things for next year. On the long motorway hours I have had time to ponder, mentally re-arrange and revitalise my collections. The shows I have done have also been vital in this – I have learned what different people like, what things are most popular, what colours people ask for, and what other designers think are my best pieces. It’s so helpful to get this feedback and has spurred me on with lots of new directions. But one thing I have learned is not to have too many directions, so I will be building on existing ranges and adding a few new ranges, not masses of one-off things (contrary to the urges I have to fight!). I’ll be bringing back some old favourites, refining and re-launching some stalwarts and doing some new things.

This all fits in really well with this week’s course on defining your product, part of the Cockpit Arts Developing Professional Practice Course. We had the first session of the marketing module last week with Yvonne Fuchs of the Branding Workshop. It was just the right time, post-shows, to evaluate my marketing efforts and to make a positive dynamic start to thinking about selling more stuff. Yvonne was fabulous – really inspiring, encouraging, honest and astonishingly helpful. I’m looking forward to the next session. The finance stuff is vital, but not exciting – I actually find marketing really interesting when applied to creative businesses.

I’m holding back on announcing my new project just yet, but keep tuned, exciting things to come.

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