Organised Chaos

My life has just been decribed as organised chaos. This does sum me up rather well. I’m very good at chaos but actually quite organised. Today I’ve been writing an application for some freelance work and polishing up my “extensive project management experience and creative learning” combo, and emphasising how good I am at juggling several projects, and co-ordinating lots of people. Masters degree in herding cats and having mad ideas. The fun stuff includes coming up with with innovative workshop ideas to do at a fashion exhibition in London in the summer and writing a course outline for something which starts in a few weeks. I’m also doing that book thing. It’s just as well I thrive on being busy. It’s just March. I know March will be over soon. Last March was excactly relaxing either.

One thought on “Organised Chaos

  1. It’s funny, I spent a good deal of time pondering whether to include those two words in my email to you yesterday. I right clicked-synonyms- a few times and decided that the sympathetic and awe-filled tone would come across by emali. I do hope it did! Can’t wait to hear your ideas for the exhibition and looking forward to seeing you at the weekend. Congratulations on the juggling. I stand in awe and green-eyed rapture! xx

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