Creative Twinning: Collaborations

Exciting things are afoot: I have joined Creative Twinning to take part in some cultural exchanges with designer-makers in the East Midlands and in Germany. 

Creative Twinning is a project set up by makers, for makers, to support links and creative exchange with German makers. There’s a week of events taking place in Nottingham later this month, for which I am busily stitching away to create new work. I am hoping to get a lot out of this week of events, even though I am not able to make the trip to Germany in June next year. I am launching new work at the showcase which is slightly scary but also hopefully supportive and encouraging – the opinions of other makers are really important. Getting more involved with other designer makers is really vital to my creative development at the moment, so I am hoping to be able to pick people’s brains a lot!

A sneak peek of my new work: 

In the last couple of years I have mostly worked on larger exhibition pieces rather than smaller work to be sold in galleries and shops, but I am exploring ways of making my bigger work more accessible and commercial and I hope this showcase will help. 

There is also a mentoring aspect of the project which I hope to take part in. I have been lucky to have had some great mentors in the past and have recently been acting as mentor to new designer-makers. I find it very rewarding and interesting and I love to see how people can learn from my successes (and failures!) as well as explore their own way in the world and create exciting new work. I plan to launch a formal mentoring scheme next year too. 

Please come along to Creative Twinning events, all are welcome!

Inspire and Unite 5-8pm
A unique and informal showcase of designers from the East Midlands and Karlsruhe in germany. A chance to network with local innovators and businesses, with live music from local singer, Georgie Rose
venue:The Space Nottingham Contemporary Weekday Cross, Nottingham NG1 2GB

Please also drop in to see our work on display in Designer Forum window with my large red & white quilt. 

Let me know what you think

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