Makers’ Yard: new artist studios in Leicester

Makers’ Yard, new designer-maker studios in Leicester. FINALLY.

Makers' Yard

It has been a long wait from this:

My new studio

to this:
Studio wall

Almost 2 years ago, I heard about the conversion of an old hosiery factory in Leicester’s cultural quarter that would become dedicated designer-maker studio space. I signed up immediately. It has taken rather a lot longer than anticipated & I’ve had two temporary studios in between (not fun) but finally, it is ready. I dropped off a load of furniture that I just collected from my Grandad’s house and one of the builders commented that it looked like it belonged there. And so it does.

I’ve got the ground floor, front studio with windows onto the street, so people can find me easily but the other studio spaces are perhaps even better; the rest are mostly bigger and the upstairs ones have fantastic light. I have to say that I am looking forward to a ground floor studio, for the first time ever, in 7 years… no more lugging teaching and exhibition stuff up and down lifts, stairs and corridors to the car! If you fancy a bit of studio space at Makers’s Yard, the details are here. I’m sure photos of the finished spaces will be up on the website soon.

Makers’ Yard is going to change Leicester’s craft landscape. We’ve long needed a dedicated space for makers and I am delighted to be part of it. I’ve helped specify the fit out in some of the spaces, including my own (very pleased about my extra door!) and was involved in the naming and brand identity of the building. I’ve been on several visits and had my face plastered all over the local papers several times. Sorry folks.

I’m moving in properly in a couple of weeks and workshops start on 23rd Feb and my personal open studio events (Studio Tuesdays) start on 26th Feb.

I’m running a craft social on Saturday 2nd March where you can come along with your sewing, knitting, beading, origami or whatever, and enjoy a nice afternoon with like-minded people, with tea & cake. And guess what….the heating is really effective! A studio-dream-come-true.

If you want to see the whole building, you’ll have to wait until 20th April when there is a full open studios with the whole building, plus events and fun stuff.

There are some gorgeous pre-renovation pictures of the building here and details about some of the other tenants here.

Let me know what you think

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