Sewing by Candlelight

My holidays tend to involve being outdoors a lot, either camping or on a canal boat. I love the quiet of an evening on the canal or in a rural campsite, watching the sun go down or (more likely) sitting inside listening to the rain hammer down. Neither location is good for evening sewing, so I have tended to stick with squinting at knitting.

Last year, however, I was given an amazing light by The Daylight Company to try out. The Foldi lamp made me ridiculously excited. I’ve got an old Daylight Company lamp like this (which I love), but it has to be plugged in. The Foldi runs on batteries so you can take it camping and boating. My sewing (and indeed entire tent) was brightly lit and wonderfully clear, which made it all too easy to stay up far too late sewing!

The lamp runs on 3 AA batteries, for 8 hours. Curiously it comes with a USB charger so you can power it off your laptop, which I suppose is fine if you are using it at home. You can also buy a normal power adaptor for it. But for off-grid activities, take spare batteries and off you go! The one downside to the lamp is the integral stand, which is small, making the lamp a bit unstable when not on a table.




I am an ambassador for The Daylight Company and was given this light for free, but this review is entirely my own opinion.

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