The first pieces from a new collection of Pinpebbles are now up for sale on madebyhandonline starting at £25 including postage.

Pinpebbles are small, tactile, textile objects, perfect to hold and display and are inspired by historic pincushions, from an age when valuable handmade pins were essential for holding clothing together.

This group of pin pebbles are made from rust-dyed cloth with stitch detailing.



4 thoughts on “Pinpebbles

  1. Hi Ruth,
    I love these pieces, I was walking along the shore line with the tide out and came accross beautiful big stones covered in little crustations making them look like lace covered, your pebbles reminded me of these I’ll send you a picture on Facebook. Beautiful work Ruth!
    Kind regards
    Carys Anne

  2. Thanks Carys Anne! I do have a bit of a thing for fungi & lichen too, so I guess that all ties in 🙂

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