Daily Make (3)

Three weeks into DailyMake2015 and I’m struggling to find time to make something every day, which is really frustrating! January seems to be filled with funding & project applications, meetings, admin and more meetings, some deadlines and more meetings. All of it is good, but it is taking up far too much time away from actually making.

On the plus side, when it is a making day, I get lots of making done.

This week’s #dailymake2015 are augmented with some other making-related pictures – things that are part of the process but aren’t actual making.

Part of my new work for Narrative Threads

Finishing off a bespoke clothing job for a client, which is normally Erica’s job, but she’s off travelling for a few months away from her sewing machine.

My kind of clothing-related job; repairing a vintage jacket for a customer.

Desperation making when no sewing happened… I did an inch of knitting, for the first time in several weeks. I’ve only been meaning to make this hat for about 2 years….

Preparation for making. Choosing the cloth and the thread.

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Colourful sampler fun #embroidery

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Workshop sample for an embroidery class I’m teaching in a few weeks. It is such fun to play with colours when my life mostly revolves around neutrals and faded shades apart from Interlace, although this set of petals is pretty subtle.








2 thoughts on “Daily Make (3)

  1. I fully understand that frustration when you really want to get on with making, seeing some results, as it’s an essential part of your being and what you do but there are other things which take priority – in some respects equally important – but not as much fun.

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