Podcast Fundraiser Success!

With the help of an amazing 52 supporters, I have raised enough money to cover the costs of the new series of Making Meaning. My crowdfunder raised £880* which will pay for the hosting, admin and editing of another series of podcast in 2022. It was nervous about trying a crowdfunder for my own projects, having done it a few times for the foodbank I volunteer for. I won’t deny that it was a lot of work to set up, promote, do images and videos, write endless social media posts and remind people to donate but I’ve also had loads of help with other people sharing it on social media and a lovely plug from Mrs M’s Curiosity Cabinet podcast too.

I have a couple of single episode sponsors from the crowdfunder too but have plenty of slots available for any individuals or businesses who would like to support one or more episodes. I’m also very pleased to have a whole series business sponsor which I will be announcing soon. Please get in touch if you think this might be right for you.

In the meantime, you have a few months to catch up on the rest of series one of the podcast before the new one starts. I’m really excited, I hope you are too.

*For transparency, there are fees and vat to be paid on this so I will actually make about £770 from this fundraiser. I think it’s useful for others to know when they are considering a similar thing. Any additional sponsorship will first go towards paying my guests for their time and then maybe paying myself a small amount too.

Let me know what you think

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