I have been created works on paper using a variety of print techniques for several years, both in my own work exploring textile practice, patchwork and traces, and in my collaboration with Gillian McFarland.

Prints are available in my online shop starting at £35

Patchwork Prints

The prints are part of a continuing research project to find ways to preserve and record textile processes. I use print as a way of taking a record of the patchwork with the tacking and papers still in place. The sepia ink gives the print a feeling of an x-ray and the details of loose threads, weave and paper texture invite you to look closely and see patchwork in a different way.

Monoprint on paper with hand stitched detail. 2017. Each one is unique. Large prints are £95.

Textile Prints

I am interested in exploring the details in the fragmentary textiles, and in recording them by using blind embossing, creating a white print, before adding in.  Embossing and printing with ink onto paper creates something completely new where we are drawn in to look closely at the details in the print. I have also experimented with using positives and negatives from the printing plate and the original textile. 

Monoprint on paper. 2017 – 2019