Genetics Residency

During 2017 I am joint Artist in Residence and Honorary Fellow at Leicester University Department of Genetics alongside Gillian McFarland exploring creative responses to DNA research. We are working in the department for the first half of 2017 and currently working towards an exhibition and public engagement project in the summer and autumn.

In the first few months we have been exploring and investigating, creating a visual record of our thinking and ideas as we find out more about lab work and genetics. We are working widely with genetics including yeasts and plants as well as human DNA research. We have hosted open studio events for members of the department and are collaborating with scientific glassblower Gayle Price. We are currently obsessed with petri dishes and have been making a series of filled petri dishes. I’ve been exploring printmaking techniques to express some of the ideas we are working on and have some textile pieces in development too.


The work below is development work made in 2016. Find out more in our previous blog posts.