Artist support

Supporting and nurturing other artists and creatives is a fundamental part of what I do. I love to really understand what makes creatives tick and help them work out what would be empowering and exciting for them to do next with their creative work. 

  • I offer mentoring and business support for individual artists and makers and other creative businesses. 
  • I run and participate in peer networks within creative practice, coaching and freelancing. 
  • I create workbooks and short courses around developing business and creative practice.
  • I nurture creative practice through group mentoring and resources in my Maker Membership 
  • I give talks and training sessions about creative development to artist groups and students
  • I do research and consultancy on artist development issues

Previous bespoke sessions have included

  • Funding creative practice
  • Project planning
  • Portfolio careers
  • Publishing
  • Running workshops
  • PR and promoting your work
  • Non-product crafts practice (exhibitions and projects)

We were privileged to have Ruth talk at our recent Creative Garden networking event about her journey as an artist, writer and teacher. Her inspiring career as a practitioner has left a positive impression with our students and we hope that they will be encouraged to follow their hearts and pursue a career in the creative industries. I strongly recommend any school, college or university to add Ruth to your industry network for workshops, guest speaking and seminars, as she was an absolute pleasure to work with and is a fountain of knowledge with enthusiasm and passion.

Jon Prest, Creative Director, Seed Creativity. 2016

I have worked with Creative Leicestershire and Ornamentum to run a series of training events for emerging and mid-career makers during 2014 and continue to research the skills needed for makers to develop sustainable careers.

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