I am happy to offer informal mentoring to new and established makers looking to develop their practice.

My particular area of interest is in developing your practice; assessing and evaluating where you are now and where you would like to get to. This can be practical issues of promoting and presenting your work or fundamental stuff about channeling your creative energy into making new work.  Mentoring is available from minimum one hour for specific questions or more lengthy discussions and development as required, over as many weeks as needed. My approach is very informal; tea, a chat and plenty of useful information.  I can also work with you via FaceTime or Skype, anywhere in the world. Have a look at the case studies and testimonials below.

Mentoring costs £50 per hour and takes place in cafes in Leicester city centre or online. If you would like me to visit your studio then additional costs will apply for travel expenses and travel time.


Contact 07804 603240 or email if you would like a brief initial chat.

About Ruth

Ruth Singer has 14 years experience at making a living as a designer-maker and several more years before that working in museum education. She has a wide range of skills and knowledge about working in the creative sector and experience of both mentoring and being mentored herself. She has also worked as a project manager and workshop leader as well as exhibiting and creating work to commission. Ruth has written three sewing books and has written for numerous magazines and books in the UK and USA.

Mentoring case studies

Sunflower Seedlings: Creative Business Development, 2015.

“My mentoring experience with Ruth has been exceptional. Ruth is full of ideas and her advice is concise . Her expertise and passion made the whole experience, and my time with her, engaging. As a small business in Leicester, it’s difficult to get creative business advice in regards to textiles in business but seeing Ruth has given me a different and more confident approach to the way I am working. I will definately turn to Ruth for future advice and I highly recommend her for mentoring.”

Louise West : Publishing Opportunities, 2014.

“Great mentoring session with Ruth, addressing individual issues regarding future planning for my practice. It was really interesting and informative to talk to someone so knowledgeable.”

Laura Millen : Running Workshops. 2014

“Working with Ruth has given me the confidence to get things moving to enable me to start running creative workshops. We covered many topics including target market, marketing, costing & heath and safely. Ruth also showed an example of a risk assessment and advised me on what I need to include in my own risk assessment. I’m clear on the goals that I need to achieve before I begin running workshops.”

Elizabeth Dyer: Teaching Skills

Expected Outcomes:

  • Learn how to plan for and present a workshop

  • Gain experience and confidence in delivering workshops

  • Learn about practical and legal planning for craft based workshops

  • Consideration of marketing and advertising

“Ruth managed to cover all these topics and more in our meetings. I learned about writing a risk assessment, what insurance I would need and other legal and safety matters. I also enjoyed the creative marketing that we discussed. I felt that Ruth’s advice helped me to develop a clear view of my marketing strategy for my own workshops business. I also gained confidence and understanding of delivering workshops by standing in with Ruth in her own workshops and helping Ruth and her students as and where I could. It was helpful to be able to watch Ruth teaching, in order to produce my own formula for teaching my own workshops. We talked about pricing workshops and how to advertise my services. Ruth was happy to attend my first trial workshop and gave me excellent, practical feedback, which was most helpful and really gave my confidence in teaching a boost.I really enjoyed the programme and Ruth was a helpful, knowledgeable and understanding mentor.”


Erica Pickles: Creative Development and marketing

“Working with Ruth has helped me to put into perspective many aspects of my creative business. Her optimistic approach to mentoring has allowed me to establish realistic targets for the business, and by identifying my strengths and weaknesses, greatly increased my motivation and confidence in areas where I was lacking knowledge. Throughout the mentoring, Ruth has given consistently positive, inspiring and relevant input and ideas based on her broad knowledge and experience of running a successful creative business.”

3 thoughts on “Mentoring

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  2. Ruth I have jus come across your work. I have changed direction after taking early retirement from the civil service I am currently in my first year of my textile degree course at Hull College. I think you will be an inspiration to me. I have just got your book Fabric Manipulation and want to try out all the techniques
    Christine Smith

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