Textile Study Space

My new Textile Study Space is a home for textile technique content. As well as a back catalogue of posts about my work over the last couple of years, there will be more around the techniques I love. I will share mini tutorials, patterns and ideas as well as historical textile study and inspiration pieces. There will be at least one new post every month, sometimes more. 

The minimum price of membership is £5 per month but this is Pay What You Feel so if you are able to afford more and find the content and community valuable, please support me with a little more. You can stay a member as long as you want or just one month.

Textile Study Space is an online home for all the masses of textile techniques, making and study of historical textiles that I have amassed over the last two decades. I share posts about my work and how I’ve made it, techniques and ideas of how to use them in your own creative work, about materials and about the historical textiles that inspire and fascinate me.  The Textile Study Space is like being in my studio and having the chance to look around at the boxes of samples and projects, textile collections and my work-in-progress. You’ll find stitch and quilting, historic embroidery, printing and appliqué and masses more. 

I’ve set this space up to give a taster of what you can learn through my online workshops but that isn’t essential. You can explore the treasures of Textile Study Space at your own pace and picking out what interests you. There’s no set course of study. Each month I will share something new and there’s a growing archive of posts on technique, historical study or about my own work. 

The Textile Study Space is priced really affordably so you can take part for as long as you like without a big financial investment. I have made it ‘pay what you can’ so if you find the materials valuable and can afford to contribute a little more, you should be able to do that easily. I really appreciate your support and I hope you love what I’m sharing there. 

This year I celebrate 17 years of creative practice. In 2005 I was a museum learning officer, organising artist-led events in a fabulous museum. I loved my job but I loved making even more, and over the last decade and a half I have been working hard to develop my own career as an artist-maker. I’ve written four books, I’ve taught thousands of people and I’ve exhibited my work across the UK including 5 solo exhibitions. I never expected so much variety in my working life. These days my time is roughly half studio practice the other half a mixture of consultancy, mentoring and sharing through publications, talks and workshops. I make work for exhibitions, commissions and public engagement projects and have developed a lovely, friendly community of textile-lovers across the world. I would like to share more of what I do with you.